Check My Torrent IP Address

Check My Torrent IP Address

Check My Torrent IP Address lets you track the IP address that your BitTorrent Client is reporting to peers and trackers!

Add this to your BitTorrent client downloads by clicking on the 'Download Magnet Link" button.
Keep this page open in your web browser and the IP address being reported by your torrent client will autopopulate below after a minute or less. Click the Update button below if you see no IP Address.

By clicking the magnet link, nothing will actually download to your computer. Once your check your IP address you can delete the Tracking Link in your torrent client.

The IP address your web browser is accessing this page with is:

IP Check

Get detailed information about the IP Address by clicking here.
Your Torrent Client IP Address Info will appear in the table below once you have downloaded the Magnet Link above.
Date/Time IP address(es) BitTorrent Client/User Agent
See video for quick tutorial